Max Effort Lower Week 22 Day 1

by Louie Simmons on June 26, 2018

Max Effort Lower Week 22 Day 1

Warm up

Sled pulls

Do a few reps with the bar to get familiar with it, do a few warm up sets until you are ready to engage in the max effort movement.

The Lift -  Retest for Pin 3 Rack pull with bands

After you have completed your warm-up sets do no more than 7 working sets. This means on your 7th set you should be going for a new 3rm

Now that you know your max you should only do 3 lifts above 90% and the third one should be a new PR.

Deep breath into belly and hold throughout the lift. Squeeze Lats before you start the lift and keep tight throughout the lift


Inverse curl 6x6

Kettle bell RDL in beltsquat machine 4x12

Reverse hyper 4x10

Weighted back ext on 45 degree 3xmax