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The Dynamic Method

The Organization of Periodization!

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The Conjugate System

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Accommodating Resistance

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The Maximal Effort Method

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The Dynamic Method

When people come to Westside, they witness 3 phases of training;

• Accumulation  

• Intensification  

• Transformation  

People also witness how a particular type of training is utilized in each phase. Understandably many questions arise to which i always answer with the below example:

"Seventy percent of the world is covered by water. It is constantly moving in waves. Some are just ripples; others as large as tsunamis. Yet they somehow are coordinated together, sometimes by the seasons. Just as our training is. It is truly very natural to train in waves if one just thinks about it in a systematic way"

whiteboard1Therefore, in this webinar I will go into great detail, accompanied with the aid of graphs, on the pendulum waves used within the Dynamic method, The Circa Maximal Cycle and the Strength Speed cycle.

I will also discuss how important correct periodization is for optimal development and how dangerous and outdated Linear Periodization really is.

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot form this.




Personal Coaching

Westside Barbell is an invitation only training facility – and only a selected few athletes and coaches have had the opportunity to train and learn under the attentive supervision of the living legend Louie Simmons.

So what is the next best thing?

Personal education through the exclusive online seminars - the Webinars!!

Louie1To sit in on a webinar is the closest thing to having a "One on One" with Louie Simmons - in a way it is just as good! Louie shares his extensive knowledge of the science of strength and special strengths training without any censoring or secrets!

Louie only wants to make sure all athletes achieve their maximum potential. He lives for this! The knowledge and understanding of the most effective training system is Right Here, and Louie has been experimenting, refining and constantly improving this system on his athletes and himself for the last 40 years.

Westside Barbell possesses the practical results to back up what is being preached, and NO-ONE else can say this or come close to what Louie and his Westside athletes have and currently achieve.

Westside Barbell has more world record powerlifting athletes than any other in the world. It also has trained World Champion UFC fighters, World Champion Wrestlers, Gold medal sprinters and Shot putters. THIS SYSTEM WORKS. To study it, you will be equipping yourself with the correct theoretical and practical training methodology that optimizes athletic performance regardless of sporting background.

In our Webinars, Louie presents in detail the core of his extensive knowledge. There is no other way you could get all this in depth and detailed guidance in the world unless you are here at Westside Barbell.

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The latest webinar by Louie Simmons

- The Maximal Effort Method -


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